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Tobacco Leaves

Our Story

Cigar trivia:  Did you know it takes three hundred hands to make a cigar?

I have always loved smoking cigars. When the pandemic occurred, I started to enjoy cigars even more for the relaxation they provided. My taste for cigars has grown from smoking a mild Connecticut leaf shade to a smooth, full bodied Maduro cigar. As a culinary school trained chef, I understand how to enhance a recipe to suit your specific taste palette; this translates to my knowledge of recommending a great cigar for you. 


Previously working at an upscale cigar lounge has only increased my passion and appreciation for smoking. I've learned everything about cigars, such as the regions in the world where the tobacco is grown, to how the soil impacts the flavor and strength of the tobacco. Additionally, with insights from several manufacturers, I fully understand the necessary steps to produce some of the best cigars made and sold today.


I greatly enjoy conversing with fellow cigar aficionados, sharing about cigars as well as personal experiences and preferences. I love the social aspect and leisure it provides.  This venture is meant to bring the ultimate cigar smoking experience to you.


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