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Cigar  Knowledge 101

We offer a wide range of cigars that we are proud to smoke and know that you will too. From Connecticut Shade (mild) Sungrown (medium) to Maduro (full body). We carry boutique cigars like GTO, La Galera as well as cigar standards such as Perdomo, Fuentes and JC Newman. 
Our custom humidor, (protected by 3/4-inch Spanish Cedar) can carry  up to eighteen different cigar selections for your event. We use the latest Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0 Electronic Humidification System.  
We can recommend other cigars that fit into your taste preferences and price range. We can custom order specific cigars for your celebration; just let us know in advance.  With Great Lakes Mobile Cigars, you are always in charge!


Whether you are a first-time smoker or a fluent aficionado, I want to help further your knowledge and help you get the best flavor and experience that comes with smoking cigars.  The cutting, lighting and smoking of a hand rolled, crafted cigar can be described as an elegant, upscale ritual to experience. We hope to enlighten the novice in this section on some of the  techniques of cutting and lighting a cigar.

I would like to offer you some knowledge that I have learned over the years regarding the proper cutting techniques. it is very important that you obtain a sharp cigar cutter or punch to ensure a precise, clean cut. One should never bite the end of a cigar. This may not only make your smoking experience less enjoyable but also tears the very fragile wrapper of the cigar.  

A double guillotine cutter or straight cutter is the most popular cutting device used by cigar smokers. The advantage of a double-bladed cutter is that the cutting proceeds from both sides simultaneously for a precise cut. This cuts just the right amount of the cap of the cigar to maximize the flavor and the draw. 

A V-cutter creates a notch opening into the end of the cigar. The advantage is that it exposes more surface on the head of the cigar. It allows you to draw more air. Some cigar aficionados prefer this method of cutting a larger to medium ring gauge cigar. You simply place the head of the cigar in the circular opening and compress the cutter, similar to the guillotine, to create a V-shape notch. 

A punch cutter, also known as a bullet cutter, is a circular razor sharp blade that you push gently into the head of the cigar and then gently rotate. This method cleanly cores out an opening without the need to cut away the cap. However there are certain cigar style that you cannot use a punch with, like a torpedo, pyramid, or small gauge cigars.

Now that your cigar is cut we are ready to explore the various lighting devices.  The best way to light your cigar is to use a butane torch style lighter. Matches are great for lighting pipes but are not favored for outdoors or where there is a bigger surface to light. There are many torch styles lighters and different ones may be better for different gauges. A single flame torch can be used for smaller gauges such as a Lancero. Triple and quad lighters torches can be used for Toro or double Toro cigars.

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